2016 Festival

The Festival was expanded to a two day event in 2016 to include a Coffee House at the Legion on Friday evening and a Party at the Park on the Saturday evening .   These two events made a great contribution to the festivities.    The introduction of a Culinery Arts section was a popular addition too.



Nechako Kitimat Development Fund representative Jamie Neilson presented a cheque to Mayor Dwayne Lindstrom and Fraser Lake Arts Council President Eileen Hutson







 2016 Exhibitors’ Art Gallery



Cathy’s Creative Memory Canvas Caravan

This colorful, wooden caravan was constructed by Cathy’s husband Darwin. It’s been towed behind the family car to many workshops and exhibitions in communities along Hwys 16 and 97.

Cathy's wagonhttp://lovefraserlake.com/categories/home/businesses/memory-canvas-creations/


Pat Fleming – Endako

Pat has been painting for most of her life- taking time off to have children and to work on her farm. She became serious about her art after her children moved away from BC to Alberta. Pat decided to provide a legacy for them with paintings depicting the way of life in their home province. She particularly enjoyed transforming archival black & white photographs into colorful and beautiful glimpses into BC history.Fleming

Willow Tree Pottery- Christine Brophy TurcotteQuesnel

(formerly Fraser Lake)

I create Willow Tree Pottery, decorative and functional pottery pieces.   All of my pottery pieces are made with food safe glazes and are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, I recommend if you purchase anything with decorative touches such as leaves and berries that you hand wash to avoid damage in the dishwasher.




SIGNATURE CREATIONS – Marilynn Reyden, Fraser Lake

Signature Creations owner Marilynn Reyden has always had a fondness and a talent  for design. She experimented with clothing and jewelry design in her early years until she decided to explore glass bead-making. She began taking jewelry and glass bead-making classes, eventually learning the art of making fused glass art pieces like bowls, plates, platters, and vases, both functional and artistic. Her new found passion took hold and she immediately began to invest in equipment and materials so she could pursue her dream of designing and producing her own “signature” creations for a living.




Shirley Funk, Vanderhoof.

I started painting about 15 years ago, starting small working with acrylic medium and doing mostly scenic pictures. Now I work with oil, and do mostly animal paintings. I don’t feel I’m really that talented, but I am learning more as the years go by and I try more things. For me, painting is just a very relaxing pass time and if I can make a few people happy with some of my work, that’s all I’m asking for.



Erin Hutson, Fraser Lake

She’s a north coast gal, raised in Kitimat where thundering water, deep snow, tall mountains and the whispers of a windy forest seeped into her veins.  These emerge from pen and pencil, influenced by events both remote and urban, to be transformed into the worlds and hybrid creatures that populate her inner landscape. Erin currently lives in – and appreciates the beauty of – Fraser Lake. More info about Hutson Artworks can be found at eileenhutson.com


Regina Kemp- Fraser Lake

I’m a self-taught quilter. I started quilting 20 yrs ago with the Fraser Quilters Guild. I’ve always been a crafty person. In the past I did some ceramic work, sewing, photography and painting. In Germany I
I worked at an Artisan Centre for Folk Art. I organized workshops, exhibitions, forums and so on.Quilts1

Regina displayed beautiful quilts and smaller quilted items made by members of Fraser Quilters Guild.



 Gill Kopy– Fraser Lake

Francois Lake, says professional photographer Gill Kopy, is a “haven for photography.”   In fact, many of Gill’s favourite photos are of the lake which she has lived on for decades. Those photos, which have been made into framed prints and which also grace cards and other printed materials, now reside in homes and offices across BC and Canada.


Gill’s website is:   http://gillkopyphotography.yolasite.com/


Doris Ray – Fraser Lake/ Bruce Ray – Vancouver (formerly Fraser Lake)

Doris’s son Bruce read his original poetry onstage and later assisted with her “Cartoon-arama”  competition. The funniest cartoon award went to 11 year-old Kasey Legere.

Doris' table2

Doris’s webpage http://www.angelfire.com/bc3/dorisray/


Regina Kemp &  Laura Gammond (fabric artists)




2016 Children’s Workshops

The children’s program was moved indoors to avoid being exposed to the elements and included very popular activities such as faery gardens, 3D art, tie-dying and face painting.

2016 Culinary Arts


FIRST NATIONS CUISINE –  Marilyn Findlay – Fraser Lake     (Marilyn’s grandson Lane enjoying  his grandmother’s bannock!)



PORTUGESE CUISINE – Isabel Smith – Fraser Lake


PERSIAN CUISINE – Shahla Foote – Fraser Lake

Outdoor Exhibits & Vendors

Jewellery and Home made bread by Wendy and Ken Ponsford
Home-made Food Vendor Jean Fenato
BEADING Anita Vallee- Fort McLeod Anita demonstrated how she makes earrings & other decorative items


2016 Lakeside Concert

Audience enjoyed the music of Duece Is Wild from Prince George & The Johnny Rockers from Burns Lake, as the sun was setting at White Swan Park, on the shoreline of Fraser Lake. (Photo by Fern Ray)

45)Fern's festival pic (at night)



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