2015 Festival



Nechako Kitimat Development Fund representative Jamie Neilson (center) presented a cheque to cover bulk of 2015 Festival of the Arts expenses to Mayor Dwayne Lindstrom (left) and Fraser Lake Arts Council executive members, Richard Cannon & Eileen Hutson.1)11225998_849630381810902_8868759837178584560_n


Cathy Harder-Fraser Lake

Cathy is Festival Chairperson and the driving force behind the Festival Committee.  It is thanks to her that the idea became a reality.   She assisted with setting up the Art Gallery 2015.

“Imagine a world without the arts; there would be no haunting music, no beautiful paintings and no inspiring poetry.  Art is one of the few things that is both personal and universal.  It’s what fills the world with beauty and creativity.  It speaks to the soul while pulling others under its spell.  We can’t explain how or why, just that it does.”

Cathy Harder



Festival Performers

Richard Cannon is to be thanked for his tireless efforts to organize and coordinate this part of the festivities.

Highland Dancers, Burns Lake


Lake Babine Native Dancers, Burns Lake
Oscar Lewis and Tom Forrest, Fraser Lake
Tamara Ketlo – Fraser Lake with her brother Damien Ketlo, Vancouver

Festival Exhibitors

CLIFF MANN, Prince George (formerly Fraser Lake)

My dad always had a painting on the go. I would come home from school and be amazed at how the painting would come together over time! So, from an early age I dabbled with oils. My dad and I took an oil painting class with LeEtta Lafontaine when I was 12yrs old.

I didn’t paint for years, then around 2003 I started to play with watercolours, fell in love with the medium and haven’t looked back!  Website:  http://rjwatt.com/addons/cliffmann/bio-cliff-mann/

Recent Awards [Cliff Mann]

Artist in Residence 2014/2015: Studio 2880, Community Arts Council, Prince George BCArt Battle 169: Groop Gallery, September 19, 2014: First placeArt Battle 286: The Electric owl, Vancouver. June 4, 2015: Final round finish.

Solo Exhibitions    May 14, 2015- June 14, 2015, ‘Bodies of Water’, Studio 2880 Gallery, Prince George BC

Nov 14, 2013-, Jan 6, 2014‘Stories from the City’, Studio 2880 Gallery, Prince George BC

4) 11035691_10152967846735308_8079219314370711498_n


Jerri presented the very popular Bob Ross Painting Workshop.

Fifteen years ago Jerri attended a couple of Bob Ross Painting classes that were being held in Fraser Lake.  She soon became certified to teach “The Joy of Painting” techniques in the categories of Wildlife, Floral and Landscape Painting. Over the years Jerri has taught the course in most of the colleges throughout The Interior and Northern BC. She plans to open a professionally lit studio in her home in the summer of 2017.





TONY STARK and VIRGINIA CARRAWAY  Dawson Creek & Fraser Lake

Tony is Publisher and CEO of StarkLight Press, as well as being an author and artist. His signature style of classic science fiction panoramas grace the covers of most StarkLight Press volumes and many of our online venues. Our head programmer and web designer/development artist, Tony maintains all of StarkLight Press’ social media portals.  A founding member of the GAF Mainframe Universe, Mr. Stark enjoys developing new projects for it and StarkLight Press. The editor in chief and lead layout artist, Tony devotes much of his spare time to giving each of our unique titles its own look and atmosphere.  The Festival Committee is very grateful to Mr. Stark’s for his contribution to helping out with the grant writing.

Virginia is the editor in chief of StarkLight Press, our PR guru and general dynamo. With her prolific output and vast creative scope, she is brimming with ideas and projects to keep StarkLight Press hopping. In additis a chief creative consultant for the GAF Mainframe universe. Website:  https://starklightpress.com.






                    REGINA KEMP – Fraser Lake

Regina presented a workshop on Painting On Fabrics


ELIZABETH MILLER moved to Vanderhoof 10 years ago after 32 years in the Lower Mainland , during which  time she raised four children and at the same time gained an undergraduate degree at UBC in A10)11892040_10152967846910308_5263306658004545125_nnthropology and Fine Art. A 5th year was devoted to gaining a Teaching Diploma  [in Special Education] which enabled her to teach in BC Public Schools for several years.

She also taught Spinning and Off Loom Weaving at Simon Fraser University in the Professional Development Department of the Education Faculty. Prior to this she taught spinning at the UBC  Centre for Community  Education, and privately, and in  many community programs all over BC and Alberta.

When only 16, Elizabeth was very fortunate to gain a scholarship to  Reigate, Art School,  UK,  where for 4 years she was taught to spin and weave fabrics, and the art of dyeing yarns with plant material,  by two legendary teachers who were renowned all over Britain and in Europe.  These skills she has  passed on to 2 generations of craftspeople in the Vancouver area and here in Vanderhoof and surrounding area.


MARY LYNN LAWRENCE is a Vanderhoof artist, mostly working in acrylics,with the latest subject being the ancient forest, as well as local landscapes9)11888070_10152967846575308_784362454059054606_n

EILEEN HUTSON, Fraser Lake14)11873516_849630375144236_2186792805452547252_n

Eileen grew up in E. Vancouver, moved to Kitimat in 1980, had 3 kids, continued to develop painting, mural and workshop skills, then over the next 33 years proceeded to ‘paint the town’.

The Hutsons moved to Fraser Lake the summer of 2013 in order to realize the dream of building a cabin on the Lake. It’s close…and by July  2017 she should have a big fancy art studio and won’t be painting at the kitchen table or in the living room anymore!

More info about Hutson Artworks can be found at eileenhutson.com.            Eileen gave a workshop on painting in watercolors.


CATHY HARDER,  (Memory Canvas Creations) Fraser Lake

Cathy Harder used to be an avid scrapbooker, but soon got frustrated with the idea of putting so much time and hard work into16)11866351_849630428477564_6442723088366114357_ncreating a beautiful scrapbook page, only to stick the page in an album and place it on a shelf, rarely to be looked at. It’s why she developed her Memory Canvas product. It’s a combination of scrapbooking and her other passion, mixed media painting (which she refers to as her “excuse not to do housework”), and the result is a beautiful piece of art that is also a memorable keepsake.



PAT GAUTHIER, Fort St James19)11145214_10152967846500308_508665078622102326_nAfter major life changes, I finally have come full circle finding the time to paint again.My resurgence in the Art making has brought out a delight in exploring new mediums Watercolor, Acrylics, Pastels, Mixed Media back to Oils. To develop my skill I have been taking workshops
with other professional artists. The internet, digital photography and computer monitor has made a huge difference but I still prefer to get out in the open air and feel the energy of the moment.




I am from India, living in Vanderhoof/Fraser Lake for the past 13 years.   Since I am connected to St.Andrew’s Catholic Church, most of my paintings are with a religious background.   My recent craziness is collecting drift wood and giving them life.11)11892226_10152967845860308_6510739893308028080_n



GammondI live in Fort Fraser BC on a small farm with my husband and our small herd of children. I learned to knit as a little girl but it never really caught me until I was grown and expecting my own baby in 2010. since then I’ve enjoyed both knitting and crochet , only recently discovering the joy of handspinning my own yarn, and wet felting as an art form rather than just an unhappy event from accidentally putting a hand knit item in the dryer. Laura gave a workshop on Spinning and Dyeing.


DORIS RAY, Fraser Lake.

Doris’s books, stories, & poems usually center around three “H’ themes: Humour, Health (mental health) and History. Now that she’s past her prime, she occasionally blogs and when prodded, spews out a few lines of poetry. She is also exploring painting in acrylicshttp://www.angelfire.com/bc3/dorisray/                                      Doris’s blog:  dorishray.comDoris' table


SIGNATURE CREATIONS –22)11138503_10152967847245308_330279537155986398_n

Marilynn Reyden, Fraser Lake

Marilyn has explored the art of making beautiful fused glass art pieces like bowls, plates, platters, and vases, both functional and artistic.




artsupplies12015 FESTIVAL WORKSHOPS



Eileen Hutson gave a workshop on painting in watercolors.


Doris Ray’s Humour Writing workshop



Gill Kopy’s Photography Workshop

Gill has owned a camera for as long as she can remember. She is the photographer for Love Fraser Lake web site and the BC Government‘s PictureBC website covering Fraser Lake.



Laura Gammond gave a workshop on Spinning and Dyeing.


Children’s Workshops

Children participatd in several workshops in an outdoor “Activity Tent”, including this one, led by Eileen Hutson.





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