Fraser Lake Festival of the Arts

The Fraser Lake Festival of the Arts is hosted and orchestrated by the Fraser Lake Arts Council, a group of like-minded creative types who love to see people enjoying the magic of creativity.

They also love to see people enjoy the lovely environment of the Omineca Lakes region- and thus, the outdoor celebration was born.

What could be better than sharing a good story with others on a beautiful summer’s (day? At the Festival of the Arts, we will be hosting a poetry reading of local talent as well as excerpt readings from the works of notable authors.

“Imagine a world without the arts; there would be no haunting music, no beautiful paintings and no inspiring poetry.  Art is one of the few things that is both personal and universal.  It’s what fills the world with beauty and creativity.  It speaks to the soul while pulling others under its spell.  We can’t explain how or why, just that it does.”

Cathy Harder

Fraser Lake

The Village of Fraser Lake

Photo by Ginny

Thanks are due to so many people that contributed to making the festivals such a success